$100 Whole Foods Gift Cards Giveaway February 2012

The gift card giveaways continue to produce a great deal of excitement at Know My Body.  We are going to continue to go back to the well for one more round of Whole Foods gift cards.Whole Foods Gift Cards

As always before we jump into the giveaway, let’s do a bit of housekeeping.

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2. Latest Winner!: Christina S. was our latest winner on the GNC Gift Card Giveaway.  Excellent showing Christina. She was pretty stoked about it.

So who will be the next excited winner of the KMB giveaway…?!?!

Whole Foods Gift Cards Giveaway: Part 2

Our previous Whole Foods Giveaway was our highest participated giveaway in Know My Body Giveaway history.  Obviously a lot of people were interested in grabbing some grub from Whole Foods.  We thought that since it was so well received, we wanted to give you all a second shot at it.  Yeah baby!

So this time around we are offering (hold your breath) another $100 Whole Foods gift card to all of you wonder folks. BAM!!!  Not much to explain here about Whole Foods gift cards.  Here is the Whole Foods site in case you want to peruse your options for what you could spend with that money.

Alright, it’s your time to shine.  Sign up for a bajillion options below and increase your chances of being the winner.


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