A Review of the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell

Kettlebells have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and for good reason. They offer a wide variety of exercises to add to your fitness program that can work wonders for your body. Kettlebell exercises utilize major muscle groups and take the body through complex motions that use the whole body. Different than most dumbbell exercises, kettlebell exercises force the muscles to work together as one synergistic unit across multiple planes of motion, while consistently requiring control and balance. Kettlebells are a great tool as they target all of the five components of fitness: flexibility, strength, body composition, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebells

The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell is a kettlebell system that works in conjunction with their Quick-Lock Dumbbells as it uses the same plates and standard locking screws. The Quick-Lock Kettlebell is actually sold by iself as a 22.5 lb. handle, but obviously if consumers do not already have the Quick-Lock Dumbbells, plates can be purchased for use with the kettlebell independently. The standard locking screws and plates allow it to build up to 57.5 lbs. There is also an add-on kit available with the potential to go up to 80 lbs. of kettlebell weight. Consumers seem to agree that Ironmaster did their homework before crafting this kettlebell. Ironmaster had already built a solid reputation with their dumbbell system, and have managed to finish on top again with their kettlebell.


• Adjustable in 2.5 lb increments
• Saves space
• Made of steel and iron. No plastic. Built to last.
• Handle perfect for single and double handed exercises
• Versatility and Adjustability
• Compatibility with dumbbells makes it cost effective
• Lifetime warranty


• Handle alone may be too heavy for some, especially women just starting out
• Some concern expressed about locking screw coming out with some movements


The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell would be a great addition to any home gym. It is a solid piece of equipment that appears to be technologically sound and is made to last forever. Together, with the Quick-Lock Dumbbells, the price is very reasonable, and is even reasonably priced by itself, when compared to the cost of buying individual kettlebells. The design, ease of use, space efficiency, durability, and safety of the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell make it one of the best you can get!

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"Any change requires an initial period of discomfort until the body adjusts to the new demand." - Author unknown

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"Any change requires an initial period of discomfort until the body adjusts to the new demand." - Author unknown

2 Responses to “A Review of the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell”

  1. I have owned the ironmaster kettlebell handles over a year now and have used as much as 80 lbs on the handles and have never had a more stable solid load. The screws have never come out on any excersize I have ever performed. Top quality

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. My husband and I love kettlebells and have a couple of standard ones. We definitely need to look into getting the Ironmaster Kettlebell. The positive reviews certainly support my research, and the versatility of having multilple weights available is a MUST!