P90X Resistance Bands: Some Things to Get You Thinking

P90X Resistance Bands add resistance and increase the intensity of your P90X workout. Resistance bands for P90X are also called B Lines Resistance Bands. They are basically color-coded elastic tubing with soft handle grips. The different colors denote different amounts of resistance allowing you to buy P90X bands that add the right amount of challenge for you to the exercise.

Are P90X Resistance Bands Better Than Other Resistance Bands?

Nope. They serve the same purpose as any other resistant band. Of course some bands have a higher quality or look fancier. Some may even have a better warranty or more bells and whistles attached. But when it comes down to it, a resistance band is just a resistance band. So there is no need to break the bank just because they are advertised as THE resistance bands for P90X.

Where can I Buy P90X Resistance Bands?

Almost anywhere. You can buy them online from websites that specialize in fitness equipment, from Amazon.com, your local Sports Authority, or even Walmart.

Why Use Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are awesome. They are light, portable, convenient, and take up very little space; way better than stubbing your toe on bulky weights strewn all over the place! They also provide great resistance and easily allow you to increase or decrease the amount of resistance by changing the length of the band, whereas with weights you need to have multiple sets to be able to change the resistance. They are also great for injury rehabilitation, rotator cuff exercises, leg exercises (try attaching a free weight to your ankle), and awkward or quick repetitive movements.

Now Here’s the Part That Should Get You Thinking

The P90X Resistance Bands (or B Lines Resistance Bands) don’t come with a door attachment, which makes rotator cuff exercises difficult to do. This may be why a generic brand might be better for you. Moreover, resistance bands make keeping track of your strength gains pretty difficult because you can easily increase or decrease the resistance of the band by shortening or lengthening the band itself. So, one day you may be lifting like hulk and the next day my grandma might be lifting more than you. If you just want to add a little resistance though and aren’t worried about your strength gains, this may not be something to worry about. The last thing that some people advertise as a bonus, that I disagree with, is that resistance bands provide varied resistance throughout the range of motion. If that sounds like a bonus read it again. What it means is that the resistance isn’t the same throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise. That’s nice for your sticking point, but that also means there will be angles in your range of motion that will be weaker than others. Granted, you may be able to lift say 50 pounds 20 times at one angle or in one position, but what good does that do you if you can’t lift it throughout the entire range of motion?

So now you’re probably thanking me for bashing resistance bands. Hopefully it got you thinking and maybe now you will assess your needs and what outcome you want before you decide on using free weights or resistance bands.


Just trying to stay fit while being a wife and mother.

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Just trying to stay fit while being a wife and mother.

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